Training in NVC

Since 2002 (when I first met Marshall Rosenberg) I have continually made NVC (as I understand it) a groundrock of my practice. (Buddhism is my main practice and mediation/restorative justice my main career to date.

Most of my time is currently spent as a developer within what I would call the ‘sharing and gift economy’.

I’m in the process of proving my competency as a trainer to go on the NVC-UK List (or here).

When I am approved, the training I presently intend to offer, and about which I would welcome your feedback, is as follows:

“NVC-UK Trainers list – Paul Crosland

In keeping with the ethos of Freelending Community Interest Company,  which I co-direct, I offer all trainings for free.

My preference is to  film two day trainings, reviewing key moments of day one on day two  and then reaching consensus around confidentiality. I also introduce  new technologies for individuals in groups to collectively take  responsibiity for (silently?) indicating their needs. I see two major  components of embodying NVC as:

  1. Care and consideration for others;
  2. Self responsibility.

Feedback I receive, all of which I try to hold dear, confirms my own  suspicion  that my value system has been more concerned with self- responsibility than with care & consideration of others.

I appreciate it when participants attempt to work a live issue through  on or before  attending a training .

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