Nonviolent communication plus?

NVC brings together (at least) the following:

1) Needs Consciousness
2) Self Responsibility
3) Compassion
4) Social Change

Different people mix these elements in different ways and we inevitably mash it up with what we have taken in from elsewhere. Sometimes we ask of NVC ‘what does my NVC practice tell me in relation to this experience/ this body of knowledge I’ve just come across?’ Here we are wearing NVC-tinted glasses to look at the world. At other times we aren’t wearing the glasses and see something that we later recognise as missing from NVC as we see it.

In short I’m interested in creating space/structure for people to do some more integration work between NVC and other approaches. I call this ‘NVC PLUS’. One example would be ‘NVC plus Gestalt psychotherapy’; though a Gestalt psychotherapist might prefer it to be put the other way round. For me it is ‘Buddhism plus NVC’ and I’m also interested in ‘NVC plus Arnold Mindell’, as I see much NVC work which appears ‘blind’ to the way in which we inhabit roles. One more I’m interested in is ‘NVC plus deep democracy’; I see potential here for a great advance beyond the experiments in Sociocracy that the NVC structures ‘flirted with’.
Would you want to put something into the ‘NVC plus’ mix? If so, what?

March 19th 2010:

I have now created an open space for your ‘NVC plus’ contributions at

and I have asked the following question on my twitterstream:

Know any forums where people discuss what other approaches they combine with #nvc?

If not, here’s an ‘NVC Plus’ space4u

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